Post and Core Build-up

When a patient doesn’t have enough structural integrity in a tooth to support a restoration like a dental crown or bridge, a Post and Core, or a Core Build-up, may be an appropriate treatment to help stabilize the tooth.

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What is a Post and Core?

If a patient’s tooth structure is not capable of supporting a dental restoration, we may recommend this treatment, which is usually completed after a root canal treatment. A tiny, metal rod (the post) is placed inside your tooth’s root canal. The post is used to help hold a filling in place.

What is a Core Build-up?

This procedure is performed if your tooth doesn’t need a post. To place a dental crown on a tooth, there needs to be enough tooth remaining after an issue like a fracture or decay. To help save the tooth, we use resin materials to build it up before placing a crown on it. The build-up helps make the crown more secure, which helps you chew and bite properly, as well as helping you have a complete smile.

Schedule an Appointment with Us for a Post and Core or Core Build-up

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