Internal Bleaching

Professional teeth whitening may be a good treatment for many patients who are wanting to remove stains from their teeth. These treatments can often be done in a dental office or at home with take-home kits. There are times, though, when a patient may have what we call a “dead tooth,” and it doesn’t respond to normal teeth-whitening treatments. This usually happens when the tooth has a structural issue. One way we can help treat this, and help the tooth match the color of nearby teeth, is with internal bleaching.

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What is Internal Bleaching and How is it Done?

Internal bleaching is a safe process where a tooth is whitened from the inside, as opposed to removing the surface stains that traditional teeth whitening addresses. We begin the process by taking digital x-rays of the tooth so we can better evaluate the discolorations and pinpoint any damaged areas. We then perform a root canal treatment on the tooth and remove any infected pulp. After that is complete, we place a special bleaching agent inside the tooth. This agent reacts with stains and helps dissolve them, which should make the tooth appear whiter. If you’ve already had a root canal treatment on the tooth in question, then we will create a small hole in the back of the tooth so that we can insert the bleaching agent before resealing the hole.

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